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Deep Dental Cleaning in West Covina

If you've experienced bleeding gums or noticed your teeth look longer than they used to, you very likely need to visit your dentist for a deep dental cleaning. This painful situation doesn't have to keep you from smiling your brightest, though.

At Dentist of West Covina, we'll schedule you for an appointment right away to help you get your healthy, happy smile back!

What Is Deep Dental Cleaning?

Sometimes we miss a beat with our oral health and wind up with excess plaque accumulation under our gumline. A standard dental cleaning won't be able to thoroughly treat this, so a deep dental cleaning is prescribed to remove this excess plaque and restore health to your gums and teeth.

Dental deep cleaning is also called periodontal scaling and root planing, or SRP. This SRP focuses on the outer surface of roots and teeth below the gum line.

What's The Difference Between Deep Dental Cleaning And Standard Teeth Cleaning?

Standard teeth cleaning focuses on the tooth above the gum line, cleaning the plaque, bacteria, and other unwanted elements from the surface of your visible teeth. Standard cleanings also polish your teeth.

A deep dental cleaning focuses on the tooth below the gum line and the root of the tooth. Deep cleaning eliminates bacteria, under gum line plaque build-up, and works to treat gingivitis or periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease.

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Dental Cleaning?

There are several things that a deep dental cleaning does for the health of your mouth, and, as it turns out, your heart health.

Why Do I Need a Deep Dental Cleaning?

Deep dental cleaning is more intensive than standard teeth cleaning and is used to treat or prevent gum disease. It helps remove potentially damaging levels of plaque and bacteria observed during an oral health examination. Deep cleaning also helps restore the luster of your beautiful smile by improving the overall health of your mouth, gums, and teeth. Our dentist will let you know if we recommend a deep dental cleaning as part of your treatment plan.

Deep Dental Cleanings West Covina CA
Deep Dental Cleanings Near Me West Covina CA

Do Deep Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Gum Disease?

Deep cleanings can help prevent gum disease by removing plaque build-up before the disease sets in.

Can Deep Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Tooth Loss?

Untreated gum disease can ultimately lead to tooth loss. A deep teeth cleaning removes the bacteria and damaging plaque that can lead to gum disease.

How Does Deep Cleaning Affect Heart Health?

The dangerous bacteria that builds up under the gum line can be released into the bloodstream, which can then affect heart health. If you have any known heart conditions, please inform your dentist before any treatment is received.

How Do I Know If I Need Deep Dental Cleaning?

There are some noticeable signs of gum infection that you might discover while brushing your teeth or looking in the mirror.

  • Your gums may look red and/or swollen
  • Your gums may be tender or bleed during flossing or brushing
  • Your teeth may look as though they've grown in length

What Is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. This stage causes some soreness, bleeding after brushing and flossing, and mild inflammation. Through a deep cleaning and proper oral hygiene post care, you may be able to reverse gingivitis without further treatment.

What Is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is the second stage of gum disease. This stage affects the ligaments and tissues of your mouth that anchor your teeth to your jawbone. If gum disease reaches this stage, it must be treated professionally.

Advanced periodontitis is the third stage of gum disease. At this stage, the ligaments that anchor your teeth to your jawbone have been severely infected by bacteria and have been irreversibly damaged. Advanced professional treatment will be required.

Deep Dental Cleaning West Covina CA
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Does Deep Dental Cleaning Hurt?

You may experience some discomfort during a deep dental cleaning. Because of this, we will administer local anesthetic to numb your gums for the procedure.

Afterward, your gums may bleed a little and be slightly tender when you brush or floss in the next few days. Your gums or teeth may also be sensitive to cold or hot food or drink for a few days as well. This is normal and will subside within a few days.

How Long Does A Deep Dental Cleaning Take?

Deep dental cleanings are usually completed during a single, one to two hour visit with us at Dentist of West Covina. If the infection is widespread or you have numerous troublesome spots, we may opt to do two appointments to reduce the discomfort and time spent per visit.

What Is The Cost For Deep Dental Cleaning?

The cost for deep dental cleaning will vary, depending on how widespread the infection is and how many visits are scheduled. We will happily create the right treatment plan to meet your needs at your appointment when your deep cleaning is prescribed.

What Does The Deep Dental Cleaning Process Look Like?

Your visit with us at Dentist of West Covina will begin with a consultation to determine which kind of dental cleaning you need. This consultation will include any necessary x-rays and an examination to determine the level of care required.

When you come in for your deep dental cleaning, we will administer local anesthetic before beginning. We will then skillfully remove the plaque build-up through the use of a hand-held dental scaler to manually scrape the plaque from your teeth both above and below the gum line.


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