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Dental Air Abrasion in West Covina

If you need dental work done, you of course want your dental procedures to be as easy and painless as possible. Dental air abrasion is an advanced dental technique we offer at Dentist of West Covina that will help keep you comfortable and safe during your dental procedure.

What Is Dental Abrasion?

The term "dental abrasion" refers in general to any process that removes portions of teeth, including enamel, through gentle friction. Dental abrasion can occur through something as simple as brushing your teeth too vigorously on a daily basis. The term "dental abrasion" also refers to a professional abrasion of your teeth by a qualified dentist.

Why Shoud I Get Air Abrasion Done?

Dental abrasion is primarily done by dentists to remove tooth decay. The specific type of professional dental abrasion we do is called air abrasion. By using air abrasion technologies, we can remove early tooth decay without using a drill.

What Is Dental Air Abrasion Used for?

Dental air abrasion has many applications in modern dentistry, including treating cavities, preparing for dental sealants, and removing tooth discoloration. Dental air abrasion may not be the right tool for certain uses, such as very deep cavities that typically still require a traditional dental drill.

How Does Dental Air Abrasion Work?

A dental air abrasion device is like a small sandblaster and works on the same principle. The air abrasion tool emits a small stream of non-toxic particles that hit the teeth and remove the tooth decay or discoloration. The "sand" in a dental air abrasion tool is typically made of silica (sand), aluminum oxide, or baking soda. Compressed air shoots the particles at the teeth to help gently scrape away the portion of the tooth needing removal. A small suction tube then removes the particles and tooth decay remnants. While dental air abrasion may take a little longer than dental drilling, the extra time is well worth it because of the precision control it provides.

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What Are the Advantages of Air Abrasion?

Dental air abrasion is becoming increasingly popular because it is much more comfortable for patients - and less scary than a traditional dental drill. Air abrasion, unlike a regular dental drilling, doesn't put pressure on the teeth. There is no heat or uncomfortable vibration. Less anesthesia is needed because dental air abrasion tends to be less painful than traditional drilling. Air abrasion is also much more precise than dental drilling, which means there is less of a chance of the tooth chipping during the procedure. This also means the healthier part of the tooth can be left more intact.

Is Dental Air Abrasion Safe?

Dental air abrasion is very safe, and we take thorough safety and hygiene precautions with every air abrasion patient. This means that you will be wearing protective eye gear as well as a dental dam made of rubber or plastic that surrounds the tooth being worked on. This means that none of the dental debris will get into your mouth. Sometimes a protective resin may be used to cover the surrounding teeth and/or gums as a protective measure. Any particles from the air abrasion procedure are immediately suctioned away.

How Much Does Dental Air Abrasion Cost?

Dental air abrasions are usually not charged separately as they are used in specific procedures such as treating cavities. As such, the cost for dental air abrasion is usually bundled with the specific treatment. You may be able to get help in payments from your dental insurance company. Contact our office for more information.


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