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Root Canal Therapy in West Covina

Tooth sensitivity and pain can keep your smile from being as bright as usual. At Dentist of West Covina, we want to help you get back that vibrant and healthy smile!

Extreme tooth sensitivity, severe pain, or swelling in your mouth can mean that you may have a tooth infection, which can lead to oral health complications. You may need a root canal to treat the infection and restore the health of your smile. If you do, we're here to help. Our expert team will remove the infection, relieve your pain, and ensure that you're as comfortable as possible from the moment you step through our door until you head home and afterwards.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves a dentist removing infected or decayed tissue from a tooth that's causing discomfort and pain. A root canal often saves a tooth from being removed, while decreasing pain and long-term oral health concerns.

A root canal treatment is performed when the pulp of the tooth is damaged. The pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed to prevent further infection.

At Dentist of West Covina, we use state-of-the-art technology and the gentlest treatments possible while performing a root canal, meaning less pain, faster recovery times, and a healthy, happy smile even sooner.

What Is Dental Pulp?

Dental pulp, or pulp chamber, is the soft area in the center of the tooth. The pulp contains the nerve, connective tissue, and blood vessels. The tooth's nerve itself is in the root of the tooth, and the root canals travel from the pulp chamber down into the tip of the root of the tooth.

The only function of the nerve in the tooth is sensory, providing the sensation of pain, cold or heat. The presence or absence of the nerve does not affect everyday functioning of the tooth.

What Are The Benefits Of A Root Canal?

There are many benefits to having a root canal, ranging from pain reduction to salvation of an infected or decayed tooth.

Do Root Canals Deal With Immediate Pain?

The root canal treatment deals immediately with the pain of an infected or decayed tooth. The treatment also reduces swelling and sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweetness.

Do Root Canals Save You Money In The Long Run?

Root canals not only treat immediate needs, but the procedures also help to combat future, time-consuming and expensive dental work that could come if the infected tooth is not dealt with properly now.

 Root Canal Therapy West Covina CA
Root Canals in West Covina CA

Do Root Canals Prevent Loss of Teeth?

If a root canal is prescribed, the treatment is expected to not only reduce your pain now but save your tooth in the long run, meaning it won't need to be extracted later.

Are Root Canals Painful?

A lot of times, you hear of people fearing the dentist because of the pain during a procedure. Many patients, however, report that they fill little pain during a root canal. Many say it's no more painful than having a filling placed.

What Is The Cost Of Root Canal Therapy?

The cost of root canal treatments varies depending on a few factors.

  • The severity of the dental damage
  • The placement of the tooth or teeth
  • The number of teeth affected by the damage

Many dental insurance plans cover the costs of root canal therapy.

What Should I Expect During My Root Canal Treatment?

When you come in to see us, your initial consultation will include an examination and x-ray to help us determine the extent of care required. Afterward, we will discuss your treatment options and determine the best way to proceed.

When you come in for your root canal procedure, the dentist will carefully remove decay, bacteria, and infected soft tissue from inside the root canal site. The area will then be sealed to protect it from further infection. We use a specialized sealing paste and dental compound. The top of the damaged tooth will then receive a filling and a dental crown may be fitted, depending on the extent of damage to the tooth.


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