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Growing children need a lot of care for their teeth. From cavities to braces, kids have many dental needs. At Dentist of West Covina, we offer the best children's care for your precious children.

What Is a Children's Dentist?

A children's dentist is a dentist who has been trained and qualified to provide dental health care services for infants, children, and teenagers. Children's dentists are trained to care for your growing child's teeth, gums, and mouth. All dentists need four years of dental school, and children's dentists typically take on two more years of children's residency training to learn dentistry for infants, children, and teenagers.

What Do Children's Dentists Do?

The best children's dentists provide gentle dental care to children and teens that is non-threatening and friendly in a safe and comforting environment. Children's dental services might include dental exams, routine cleanings, cavity repair, and braces. Ideally, the same children's dentist will work with the same child as they grow and track their oral health through their teen years.

Why Do Children Need a Children's Dentist?

We love children, but children are typically more challenging to treat than adults. Children are often nervous about seeing the dentist or may have behavioral issues that make them less likely to be relaxed and compliant during a dental exam. A good children's dentist knows how to calm an anxious or belligerent child to help them accept the dental exam and/or treatment. Children's dental offices also have special equipment to keep them comfortable and happy.

What Does a Children's Exam Involve?

At Dentist of West Covina, we strive to make your child feel safe and comfortable during their dental exam. We will go over their history with you and talk over any concerns. The child's mouth will be examined and X-rays, which are painless, will be taken. We also offer various sedation options, if necessary, to facilitate treatment of anxious children. After the exam, the child's teeth will be cleaned and polished, and a treatment plan may be discussed. We may also recommend a fluoride treatment to prevent cavities.

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 Childrens Dentist West Covina CA

What Types of Treatments Do Children's Dentists Provide?

Your child will receive a full range of children's dental care, including comprehensive exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, habit counseling (to reduce thumb sucking, for example), orthodontics, cavity prevention and repair, periodontics (to prevent and treat gum disease), emergency care for dental injuries (such as a knocked out tooth), and diagnosis of oral health conditions.

When Should My Child First See a Dentist?

The American Academy of Children's Dentistry recommends that parents should bring their infant child in for their first dental exam between the ages of six months and one year, or "first visit by first birthday." Baby teeth start to appear within the first six months. Around ages six or seven, these teeth begin to fall out to be replaced by permanent teeth. The period between six months and age seven are crucial years for a child's oral health. During this time, children are also at risk for tooth decay.

What Is Early Childhood Caries (ECC)?

Dental caries (cavities) that happen in young children are called "early childhood caries" or ECC. This is actually an infectious disease caused by bacteria that causes children to get tooth decay. If ECC is left untreated, it can cause problems even later in life. Early childhood caries are actually five times more prevalent in children than asthma, despite asthma getting much more media attention. This is why it is important that children see a dentist regularly.

What Does Children's Dentistry Cost?

Children's dentistry has different costs depending on the services needed. Braces, for example, will be much more than a regular checkup. But a dental exam or teeth cleaning for your child may range from $50 to $150. Your family dental insurance may cover some or all of your costs, and often includes a free exam and cleaning each year.


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